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Transforming through Lean

Transforming through LeanA lean transformation can help companies to take their business practices and evolve them to a more refined state. These transformations empower teams to work together fluidly, eliminating potential issues and striving to provide consistent...

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Adapting to Visual Workplaces

Adapting to Visual WorkplacesVisual workplaces are a growing workflow style that focuses on helping teams to be more transparent with their work efforts. Able to be used by teams with different goals across different industries, this approach empowers teams to...

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Coaching and Giving Feedback

Coaching and Giving FeedbackA key component of running a successful business is being able to coach and provide feedback for employees. As a leader or manager, providing proper guidance for employees ensures they can succeed in the workplace and continue to improve....

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Navigating Organizational Politics

Navigating Organizational PoliticsOrganizational politics involves performing influence tactics for the sake of organizational or personal interests. Organizational politics can impact all levels of a company, which is why it is important to learn how to navigate...

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Using Control Charts

Using Control ChartsControl charts were originally used in the deployment of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and later on adopted into the Six Sigma framework. Also known as Shewhart charts (after Walter A. Shewhart), these charts look into the process behavior as...

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Mapping Value Streams

Mapping Value StreamsValue stream mapping is a lean tool developed by Toyota to eliminate waste, thereby increasing value for the customer. Value stream mapping typically involves using flowchart documents with various symbols to analyze and design the various...

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Taking the Robot out of the Human

Taking the Robot out of the Human As our world advances through the 4th Industrial Revolution, many companies are realizing that they can utilize technology to automate manual processes. With COVID-19 forcing all of us to do more with less, using technology such as...

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Make Project Management Practical

Make Project Management Practical Managing a project is never easy and without proper management, projects are headed for tough times or failure. Our Adonis Partners team has first-hand experience in managing small and large projects. Here’s an overview on how to make...

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Taking a Problem-Solving Approach

Taking a Problem-Solving Approach Selecting a problem solving approach is one of the most important aspects to continuously improve and create sustainable processes. Having a standard process in place helps resolve problems at a faster pace and it enables your teams...

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Engaging Employees

Engaging Employees To run a business to its fullest potential, it’s important to ensure that your employees are engaged with their work and see the linkage to your company’s vision. According to a study conducted by the Workplace Research Foundation, highly engaged...

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Leading Individuals through Change

Leading Individuals through Change While leaders often do a great job focusing on the technical aspects of launching a new system or process, it can be easy to lose focus on the fact that change is taking place on an individual level. Anything that results in change...

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Tackling Challenges by Leveraging Tiger Teams

Tackling Challenges by Leveraging Tiger Teams Tiger teams are formed by assembling cross-functional team members to solve complex issues, often in areas of IT but can be extended to almost any area of the business when there’s an urgent need to bring focus to a...

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Keeping Processes Simple thru Standardization

Keeping Processes Simple thru Standardization Standardization is a process where rules are created and used to govern how people in an organization complete different tasks. In this article, we will go over different types of standardization and the benefits that...

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Increasing Efficiency through PDCA

Increasing Efficiency through PDCA PDCA or the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle is a four-step model meant to be constantly repeated with the goal of continuous improvement of processes. Implementing the PDCA cycle helps teams avoid recurring mistakes and achieve better...

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5S: What is It & Why do I Care?

5S: What is It & Why do I Care?... 5S is part of the Toyota Production System. 5S is meant to reduce waste and increase productivity by organizing spaces, keeping a clean work environment, and using visual cues to improve results. In this article, we will cover the...

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Identifying & Prioritizing the Right Projects

Identifying & Prioritizing the Right Projects Identifying and prioritizing projects are two of the most important components of running a successful organization. A focused, detailed plan of action will help you identify and prioritize the right projects to stay on...

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Engaging Stakeholders Effectively

Engaging Stakeholders Effectively As a project manager, one of the most important aspects of your job is to engage with stakeholders; in order to do that, you must conduct a stakeholder analysis. Stakeholders are anyone who has interest in a project or venture that...

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Walking in Your Customer’s Shoes

Walking in Your Customer's Shoes Most everyone has heard the old adage that you can’t really understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. This is so very true when it comes to working with people to influence change and to create better outcomes for...

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Saving Money thru Supply Chain Optimization

Saving Money thru Supply Chain Optimization Supply chain optimization is all about getting the product into the customer’s hands when they want it while spending as little money as possible. Since supply chains involve so many organizations and processes to get the...

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Connecting with the Hearts of People

Connecting with the Hearts of People Be PurposefulAnother way to connect with people is by implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is a process where you incorporate social or environmental concerns into planning and operations. For instance, a company...

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Adapting to COVID-19 from a Manufacturing Perspective

Adapting to COVID-19 from a Manufacturing Perspective COVID-19 has created a situation where many businesses and companies find themselves with no choice but to adapt. In this post, we will be going over how the manufacturing industry is continually adapting in...

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Sustaining CI Through Challenging Times

Sustaining CI Through Challenging Times Continuous Improvement (CI) is difficult to maintain under normal circumstances, never mind when unexpected challenges arise. In this article, we will tackle some ways in which your business can continue to improve, even when...

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Working Virtually

Working Virtually Adonis Partners strives to provide excellence through continuous improvement for its clients. Now that many of us are working remotely, we are placed in a position where we must learn how to improve and create excellence virtually. In this article,...

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TPM: What is It & Why do I Care?

TPM: What is It & Why do I Care? What is TPM?TPM, or Total Productive Maintenance, is a maintenance program that combines equipment maintenance with the manufacturing process. TPM was originally created by Seiichi Nakajima in Japan and was first implemented in...

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