Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement involves a commitment to consistently better results through a dedicated practice of never-ending betterment.

In the simplest sense, this old adage spells out the ethos of this practice in a motivational format: “Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better, and your better is best.”

Our Continuous Improvement Practice:

Key Components in our Continuous Improvement program encompasses services such as training and project execution, total productive maintenance, and robotic process automation for back-office processes in order to establish a continuous improvement culture.

CI Transformation Program Management
Lean / Six Sigma Project Execution
Lean / Six Sigma Training
Total Productive Maintenance
Robotic Process Automation


Lean / Six Sigma Project Execution

We lead projects to help businesses solve their most critical challenges utilizing the proven Lean & Six Sigma toolkit.

Kaizen Event Facilitation

We guide teams through a rapid improvement workshop – enabling quick identification of root causes to problems and immediate implementation of tangible solutions

Program Deployment

We assist organizations with establishing or elevating continuous improvement programs – leveraging our tried & true best practices to help you navigate your culture change journey successfully

Lean / Six Sigma Training & Coaching

We train and coach leaders, managers, and employees at all levels to utilize the Lean & Six Sigma toolkit – covering the White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt levels, resulting in industry standard certifications through hands-on training and project coaching.

Total Productive Maintenance

We help companies implement sustainable improvements in equipment reliability, productivity, and product quality – ultimately achieving world-class manufacturing performance by building a clear step by step, measurable plan to transform the workplace and increase capabilities across the entire value stream

All Capabilities

We bring the expertise, experience, and energy necessary to tackle whatever challenges our partner companies may be facing, working hands-on with each team to generate measurable value through defined solutions and continuous improvement opportunities.

Lean Six Sigma Training

Meaningful employee engagement relies on adequate training. We help boost confidence and maximize performance through industry-standard Lean Six Sigma trainings, offering belts at all levels—from White Belt to Master Black Belt.

Leadership Coaching

Drawing on industry experience and domain intelligence, we offer strategic advice and leadership coaching to strengthen company culture and performance at all levels.

Change Management

Keep up with the rapid change of a quickly growing business and the ever advancing technology of our time. We facilitate multilevel conversations and trainings to ensure smooth, sustainable change in the face of company-wide challenges.

Innovation & Design Thinking

Become faster, more flexible, and better connected to your customers. We help teams innovate new ways of working in pursuit of adaptability that will both enhance the customer experience and enrich company culture.

Quality & Risk Management

Compliance and quality issues quickly lead to financial loss. Employing the SCRUM framework, we help our partners identify areas of risk and reduce risk potential through a budget-considerate lens.

Logistics & Distribution Optimization

When production time is increasing and production value decreasing, waste is often at the core. Using LEAN principles, we target opportunities for waste elimination to maximize efficiency across distribution.

Inventory Management

Improve your inventory-to-sale ratio. Through a tailored application of industry-standard models, we help product-focused companies optimize planning, purchasing, and all aspects of inventory management.

Supply Chain Forecasting

The supply chain is directly subject to so many of the world’s disruptions. We help teams build resilience and navigate the wide ranging options to forecast stable supplies, while balancing delivery time, cost, and quality.

Big Data Analytics

We help companies turn meaningless data into meaningful stories that generate smarter decisions at all levels of management.

Performance Metrics

We help leaders to identify where they are winning or losing daily, weekly, and monthly by defining standard metrics for performance evaluation; and to put structures in place for responding to benchmark evaluations.

Leverage your collective brain power. Through the strategic facilitation of focus groups and hands-on application, we help teams build, test, and refine process solutions that realize a quick yet sustainable return on investment.


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