Change Management to Guide Continuing Innovation in Education

Client Summary

Established in 1851, University of the Pacific was California’s first university. Later becoming the state’s first coeducational campus and developing the first conservatory of music in the West, Pacific has secured a reputation in innovation.

The Challenge

University of the Pacific was about four to six months behind on a two-year project to replace a 30-year-old financial structure. Struggling to meet deadlines and facing burnout, the university’s leadership engaged Adonis Partners to aid project management, facilitate correlating change management, and secure their project’s completion.

The Diagnosis

After consulting with the university’s leadership team to thoroughly define the issues at play, Adonis advised a communication-centered approach to improve the team’s collaboration and increase efficiency.

The Improvement Process

Our consultants began by facilitating a workshop with the university’s core team members: we outlined a strategic action plan and determined distinct deliverables to guide the project from start to finish.

Employing design thinking, we developed organizational systems integrated with channels of communication. Using change management techniques, we trained team members to effectively engage in these new ways of documenting, sharing materials, and conducting project communication.

As the university staff began to apply the new resources and structures to their projects, our consultants remained to guide the team, advising time management and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement.