The Q-to-Q Kaizen Event:

A New Twist on an Established Quality Concept 


The Q-to-Q Kaizen Event: A New Twist on an Established Quality Concept 

In the contact center, our resource time is limited and scarce. Yet, as continuous improvement-focused professionals, we strive to deliver quick wins through rapid improvement events—also known as Kaizen Events at Adonis Partners. 

With this in mind, how would you like to quickly turn ideas into executable action plans in your contact center? 

If your answer is “yes,” you’ll be glad to know that when you plan and manage your rapid improvement event effectively, the results can bring real value to your organization. 

Introduction to the Q-to-Q Kaizen Event  

To begin, it’s important for employees who work in contact center processes to be active participants in a Kaizen Event. Second, those facilitating the event must focus on quickly moving from qualitative to quantitative (Q-to-Q), usually within a two-hour time frame. 

The benefits of moving quickly are that it creates a sense of urgency along with accountability for all parties involved. Here’s how it’s done … 

Kaizen Tools and Concepts 

Facilitators and participants must utilize the following four well-known tools and concepts during the Kaizen Event:  

  1. The Ishikawa Diagram (also called the Fishbone Diagram or Cause-and-Effect Diagram)
  2. The Dotmocracy Method (or Dot Voting)
  3. The Pareto Principle 
  4. Action Planning  

By using these tools and concepts, the event will move your team through Q-to-Q seamlessly, which is an effective way of working through problem resolution without compromising the method or quality level of the problem-resolution approach. Altogether, a fast way to turn a great idea into an executable action plan. That’s Q-to-Q.  


Hosting a Rapid Improvement Event with Kaizen 

Do you have ideas you would like to turn into an executable action plans? If so, Adonis Partners has expert Q-to-Q facilitators ready to help you with your rapid improvement event.

Please contact Brad Baumunk at 512-695-2511 to discuss how to make this happen.