Identifying & Prioritizing the Right Projects

Identifying and prioritizing projects are two of the most important components of running a successful organization. A focused, detailed plan of action will help you identify and prioritize the right projects to stay on track to achieve your goals. In this article, we will give some tips for identifying and prioritizing projects.

Solicit Input from the People Doing the Work
While it’s tempting to assign one person to go identify projects, it’s really better to get the input of the entire team. Workers on the frontline often know where the bottlenecks and pain points exist – thus, look to them for input when identifying potential projects.

Sync up to a Priority
One of the most important ingredients for success in being in step with your organization’s top priorities so that the project gets the attention it deserves to be successful. If you select a project that is not aligned with your organization’s priorities, it may easily be overlooked in favor of those efforts that align with your top priorities. 

Always Keep the End Goal in Mind
Knowing what result you want out of the project before you start prioritizing project ideas will allow your team to think about what will help you achieve the end goal. Investing in projects that don’t directly contribute to your goal will end up wasting time, money, and resources.

Planning and scheduling for a Lean Six Sigma Project requires a keen attention to detail and a dedication to Six Sigma principles. Here at Adonis, we provide project management services and Lean Six Sigma training that will ensure that you and your employees are meeting your project goal.