Bruce Lancaster

Senior Partner

Bruce is honored to bring 30 + years of leadership experience to Adonis Partners. His passions and expertise are centered around deploying Business Excellence / Lean Six Sigma Programs, Quality Management and Continuous Improvement initiatives. Bruce also enjoys the mentorship associated with developing World Class Operational Excellence Leaders.

Bruce has extensive Global footprint with his leadership in Quality and Process Improvement initiatives in over 30 countries. He received his Black Belt certification in 2001 from Loyola University and Stat A Matrix. Bruce’s  first Black Belt project in 2000 was improving Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), and it brought $18 Million dollars of value to his company. From this initial project, Bruce developed a zest for learning and developing his mastery on all relevant Business Excellence and Process Improvement teachings.

Bruce earned his “baptism” in Quality by being trained by US Quality Leaders Dr. Deming and Phil Crosby. Bruce is an active member of the American Society of Quality (ASQ) where he has achieved ASQ certifications in Auditing and Quality Management. Bruce’s passion centers around QMS Assessments & Improvements. Bruce is highly proficient in the ISO, CMMi, GMP, P&G QAKE and MBNQA standards and has achieved Lead Auditor / Examiner in each of these standards for QMS Improvements. He is a former examiner of the prestigious Malcom Baldridge National Quality Award (MBNQA), as well as an examiner/judge in the ASQ International Team Excellence Award Process (ITEA). Bruce is also a strong practitioner-trainer in Quick Response Quality Control (QRQC), Strategic Planning using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodology and Team Based Problem Solving (TBS).

Bruce has a BA in Business from Furman University , and a Masters in Quality Management from Loyal University of New Orleans.








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