Sustaining CI Through Challenging Times

Continuous Improvement (CI) is difficult to maintain under normal circumstances, never mind when unexpected challenges arise. In this article, we will tackle some ways in which your business can continue to improve, even when times are tough. 

Stay Engaged with Your Teams
Continue talking with your employees to understand what challenges they are facing – and help them navigate through solving those problems. Engage leadership to determine what roadblocks can be removed to help the team be successful.

Create Realistically Achievable Goals 

As tempting as it is to reach for the stars, having realistic, sustainable goals in place prevents employees from getting discouraged and setting your company up for unrealistic expectations of growth. 

Be Mindful of those Affected by the Crisis
Whether it be clients, customers, or your own employees, be sensitive to the challenges they might be facing personally or professionally by providing support and resources.

Develop a Crisis Management Plan
Last but not least, having a developed set of guidelines to fall back on in difficult circumstances can help your business continue to operate smoothly even in times of crisis. Some steps that can be considered when developing guidelines include:

  • Identify a Singular SpokespersonHaving a unified voice speaking to the public allows for your company to have a consistent message.
  • Continuously Update Personnel, Suppliers, and Customers Alike: As the situation changes, everyone involved in your business needs to be updated on your status, and the steps needed to move forward.

Of course, the most important aspect of maintaining CI during crisis is adaptability. Being flexible as the situation changes, or even your business model, will help keep your business growing. Adonis Partners can help your company adapt through our various CI Services, which are founded on proven Lean and Six Sigma practices.