Make Project Management Practical

Managing a project is never easy and without proper management, projects are headed for tough times or failure. Our Adonis Partners team has first-hand experience in managing small and large projects. Here’s an overview on how to make project management practical based on Lean Six Sigma Principles:

Define Scope 
Before the project is executed, make sure you clearly outline the scope and objectives of the project. This helps keep work within the ‘guardrails’ of a project and helps keep team members focused on the ultimate goals.

Calculate Time

All projects have to come to end at some point (an end can be reaching the end of a major milestone or phase), and it’s better for the sake of your project leaders and the team to know how much time should be dedicated to a project and what date deliverables are due. You might not know everything at first, but creating an estimate will get you started in the right direction. 

Create Your Budget
Whatever project your business is undertaking, there will be costs associated with it. Create a budget and calculate costs before you start your project so that you aren’t surprised by unforeseen expenses.

Clarify Quality
Creating a rubric for quality standards or outlining quality specifications required for the project prevents having to use more time and money later to rework the project to the standard of quality your company needs.

Helping You Ensure Value
Scope, time, cost, and quality are all closely interrelated, making all of them crucial to practical and effective project management. Adonis Partners offers project management consultations where we will help ensure your team can deliver on time, on budget, and on target — and most importantly, that the end result will have value.