Leading Individuals through Change


While leaders often do a great job focusing on the technical aspects of launching a new system or process, it can be easy to lose focus on the fact that change is taking place on an individual level. Anything that results in a change in the work environment – whether it’s new software or a new way of working requires a diligent and thoughtful approach to analyzing how people will receive and respond to the change. That analysis will lead to a path of more seamless transitions whereby employees adjust to the new ways of working. In this article, we will go through some tips on how you can guide your people through any change.

Collect Input from Individuals on the Change
Feedback is an invaluable tool in determining potential challenges to implementing change. Ask employees in the organization how they feel about the change, if there are too many changes happening at once, and how the organization can support them through this change.

Understand Other Factors that Influence Response to Change
There are three factors that influence how individuals respond to change: motivation, ability, and opportunity. For example, an individual may lack motivation to learn a new software because they are already familiar with the program they work with. Understand more personal and practical factors as to why an individual may oppose a change and help resolve those underlying fears. 

Have Leadership Provide Coaching
Change can be tumultuous and confusing for an employee, for instance when they are reassigned from one project role to another. As a leader, it is important to coach the individual and address their feelings and concerns through one-on-one dialogue about why the change is necessary, and what skills and responsibilities are expected of them.

Leaders build a stronger organizational foundation by supporting their employees through change. Adonis Partners believes in the power of an effective Change Management framework and offers services to help teams navigate through uncertainty and embrace such shifts.