Engaging Employees

To run a business to its fullest potential, it’s important to ensure that your employees are engaged with their work and see the linkage to your company’s vision. According to a study conducted by the Workplace Research Foundation, highly engaged employees are 40% more productive. Investing just 10% into employee engagement can potentially increase profits as well. In this article, we will cover a few different ways you can engage employees.

Listen to Employee Feedback
A lot of times, employees have first-hand knowledge of the work being done and ideas on ways that work can be improved, yet their ideas about how to innovate are often left unheard. Listen to employee feedback by implementing a work-out session or Kaizen to generate new ideas and decide on solutions openly and decisively. In addition, don’t forget to close the feedback loop with employees to let them know how their input is being utilized.

Recognize Hard Work
While it’s always important to express appreciation to employees for doing their job, it’s just as important to acknowledge the work of employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. Recognizing the efforts of employees can take both big and small forms, whether it be words of encouragement, a monetary bonus awarded for stellar work, or a day dedicated to employee recognition. Ultimately, recognizing an employee’s extra efforts fosters positivity and increases engagement in the workplace. 

Provide Onboarding Experiences
When embarking on a new position or joining a new company, employees will often feel unsure of their tasks and the tools they need to accomplish them – yet be hesitant to share their lack of confidence. By providing onboarding experiences for employees, you’ll give them the assurance needed to complete their jobs, a network of peers to call upon, and more than likely, minimize the productivity impact due to uncertainty about the work to be done.

How We Can Help
Employee engagement is critical to generating profit and increasing productivity in the workplace.  At Adonis, we provide services, including Kaizen Event Facilitation in the Lean Six Sigma toolkit as well as team-building activities using DiSC assessments, that will help engage your employees and create a safe space to thrive and execute work in the aim of achieving your company’s vision.