Connecting with the Hearts of People

Be PurposefulAnother way to connect with people is by implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is a process where you incorporate social or environmental concerns into planning and operations. For instance, a company that decides to go cruelty free or rely on renewable energy resources appeals more to customers because they can have a positive impact on society and the environment. According to this report from Babson College, a strong CSR program can even increase market value by up to 6% and reduce staff turnover by as much as 50%Most businesses and manufacturers provide services or products for people. However, just providing a product or a service is not enough to achieve great profits. It’s important to connect with the hearts of both employees and clients alike if you want to achieve a higher level of success. In this article, we go over some tips on how to connect with people through your business.

Be Personal
While brand recognition is important, knowing the people behind that brand is even more so. Including an About Us or How We Got Started page on your website or in other promotional materials is one big way you can connect with people. If you can show prospective customers the passion behind the business, you might find people are more willing to purchase products or services from your company.

Be Socially Responsible
Identify physical and information flows in your supply chain and use data analysis to help eliminate unnecessary steps in the production process. Data analysis can reveal the inner workings of your supply chain and determine which areas need to be improved to increase revenue and avoid errors and prevent waste. 

Be Purposeful
If you want to achieve Continuous Improvement in your business, you need to remember your purpose. Regardless of the words you use or the goal itself, connecting with people’s hearts is the most important factor in achieving that mission. Don’t just post your values or principles in your office or on your website – rather, demonstrate how you live them through your actions.

We at Adonis are also committed to creating value for your business by helping you better understand how your organization is performing and where it can improve – from an operational perspective as well as a cultural perspective.